The office is so beautiful, I just love it. Dr. Joiner is very nice and kind and very very gentle for us.
John Zeng
The staff really makes the place! The office was neat and clean. Everyone was really sweet and personable with my 4 and 1.8 year old. The technicians were great at teaching and explaining in detail to my kids what was going on in their mouths and the dentist sang and interacted wonderfully with my small boy. Overall, I was delighted with the comfortable, friendly, and professional experience.
Carmen De Andrade
Beautiful office with very friendly staff. Dr. Joiner was very sweet and explained everything she was doing to my little one! Highly recommend this dental office!!!
Kathleen Doll
We just started using Dr. Joiner for our three girls and have enjoyed her and her staff! Over the last 8 weeks they have all had several different things done and they have all worked well with my girls!
Ashlie Rich
I met Dr. Joiner 3 years ago and knew she would be the perfect dentist for my son. When I found that she opened her on practice I was happy she was close to my home. I needed to have a consult with someone I could trust. He needed to be educated about the importance of oral hygiene from some one other than Mom. She took the time to get to know him and his unique personality, I am happy to say after 3 months he has still taken her advise and is doing a much better job brushing. Thank you Dr. Joiner.
Rachel Ahmad Biondo